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  1. For Web Hosting cPanel
    1., makes weekly backups of all its shared servers.
    2. Backups are stored on drives external to the servers.
    3. The space used by backups is not part of the space contracted by the cPanel web hosting package.
    4. The maximum limit of the compressed file should not exceed 10GB, if it exceeds 10GB the file will not be stored by our backup servers, if you want to have backups for this type of accounts you must hire a "Backup service" for additional fee.
    5. Backup restores are only available for active accounts, those suspended for non-payment or due to TOS violations are not entitled to download these backups.

  2. For OpenVZ Servers
    1. Do not make backup of OpenVZ Servers.
    2. The backup of important data is resposabily of the customer.
    3. can provide FTP space for remote backup for an additional Fee, please contact sales for pricing.

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