Configuring smarthost (relay) on cpanel exim Print

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To configure a smart host, create /etc/exim.conf.local on the source server (server1 in this example) and add the following lines. Be sure to change to the hostname or IP of the smart host server.

driver = manualroute
domains = !+local_domains
transport = remote_smtp
route_list = *

Next run /scripts/buildeximconf and then /scripts/restartsrv_exim. If not, simply restart your Exim server using normal init scripts.

If your relay require auth

begin routes
debug_print = "R: smarthost for $local_part@$domain"
driver = manualroute
domains = ! +local_domains
transport = remote_smtp_smarthost
route_list = *
host_find_failed = defer

begin transport
debug_print = "T: remote_smtp_smarthost for $local_part@$domain"
driver = smtp
hosts_require_auth =

begin auth
driver = plaintext
public_name = LOGIN
client_send = : user : password

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