SpamWall Features Summery Print

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  • Blocks 98% of all Spam with near zero false positives
  • Compatible with all mail servers and mail server software
  • Reduces mail server load by 60-90% or more, saves on network bandwidth
  • No changes required to your existing mail server or network infrastructure
  • No per-user, or per-mailbox fees or other usage or license fees
  • No "recharge" or other monthly or yearly system update or license fees or charges
  • No expensive hardware to purchase or software to install, configure or maintain
  • Automatic system updates, spam rules and virus definitions at no additional cost
  • Free technical support and assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reduced network bandwidth, mail server load, disk storage and IT support costs
  • Improves customer and email user experience, satisfaction and customer retention
  • Provides mail server redundancy, acting as a backup if your mail server is down
  • Easy to use web interface for administration and quarantine management
  • Web-based logging, reporting, statistics, queue management and more
  • Quick to implement and manage, can be up and running within just a few minutes

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